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Aci Engineering Co. Since its establishment in 1989, it has been active in the electricity sector and has completed many prestigious projects.

With its young, dynamic staff and professional method,
Aci Engineering CO, which has taken its place in the Electrical Contracting Sector in a short time, aims to provide quality and economical solutions in line with the expectations of its customers.

We wish our continuous work together ...


Açı Engineering, in the electrical industry, has adopted and aimed that;

Prioritizing education and quality, being innovative, performing more work in less time and with lower costs, renewing constantly in line with the developing technology by considering the present and future expectations of customers,

Being a company that obeys the laws and regulations, attaches importance to human health, life and environment, increases the trust of its customers and employees by applying a quality management model and differentiates in its sector,

Within the scope of all our activities, taking the necessary measures, in order to evaluate our recyclable wastes, to reduce using of the limited natural resources, to prevent pollution that will occur due to harmful wastes to the environment not to adversely affect the living life, to prevent environmental pollution,

Improving human resources, providing the necessary resources to continuously review and improve the effectiveness of the existing system within the performance of the defined processes and to continuously develop it without compromising the quality and environmental management systems standards.


Trustworthiness and Honesty

Trust is our indispensable and irrevocable value in our lives and every aspect of our working policy. 

Customer Oriented

Providing quality service that performs the mission it undertakes, by understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and always prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Quality and Result Oriented

Ensuring compliance with quality standards in the services produced and provided by the company and increasing the productivity of the company accordingly.


Thinking ahead, being an entrepreneur, being open to new ideas, new systems, new structures and owning them, being proactive in applications.

Learning and Development Continuously

Following the innovations in constantly evolving and changing technology and targeting to develop technical knowledge and managerial skills.


In line with the common goals and objectives of the company, working in solidarity, cooperation and harmony between people and departments, with we-feeling.

Quality and Life Philosophy

The total quality manner is our philosophy of life and we never compromise on this philosophy. In order to improve the quality of work and life of our customers, we know that we must keep this quality constantly by supporting with the right information and technology. Sharing this understanding of quality with our customers and putting them ahead of their competitors is our first priority.